Steel structure

For Industrial Sector, Building, and Civil Works

Company specialized in projects, design
and realization of structures.

Estructuras y Proyectos TURMETAL, S.L. has operated in the manufacture and assembly of metal structures since 1986, the year in which José Tur Soler founded the company which he still manages up to this day, ever since the company commenced with facilities of just 200 m2 and 3 workers. Through the effort, sacrifice and high standard of work provided, the company has undergone significant growth, and currently occupies facilities with more than 4,000 m2 equipped with the most modern machinery available on the market and a workforce of 35 highly qualified personnel.

Technical office

Composed of a human team of middle and higher graduates, with ability to develop any type of project. To offer a better product to our customers using the latest software programs in the design and calculation of metallic structures.

Workshop Production

In our facilities we have highly qualified professionals qualified and with more than proven experience that together with the latest machinery in the market we can obtain a production of structure finished metal of about 400 tons of steel per month; having in note that this production depends directly on the characteristics specific to each project to be executed.

Transportation Assembly

We have a large fleet of vehicles: vans, trailer trucks with loader cranes, self-propelled cranes, aerial platforms articulated, extendable semi-trailers and trailers, which we make it possible to meet any customer need quickly. Through the The company's own fleet of vehicles is transported and later assembly of metal structures on site, where our teams of assemblers carry out the work within the deadlines provided and following all established security measures.


Throughout the design, manufacturing and assembly process, our technicians They are in charge of enforcing the internal quality processes of the company, delivering to our customers a product with the highest qualities and finishes.

Why choose Turmetal?

You will not regret working with us.


Quality because Turmetal employs professionals with experience and qualification, for whom the quality of their construction projects is their main objective.


Safety because all of our work is carried out in compliance with the most stringent regulations relating to occupational safety.


Punctuality because Turmetal complies with each and every one of the delivery deadlines agreed with the client.


The materials and products used by the company possess the relevant certificates and quality seals, paying special attention to the steel for our raw material, for which we hold certificates for the technical conditions of the material provided by our suppliers.


All personnel, including electric arc and MIG/TIG welders, as well as assemblers, possess the relevant Homologation Certificate, issued by a company authorized to provide industrial inspection and control.


The internal quality control process for the entire production system is supervised by our approved technical staff. Tests are carried out by sampling seam welds, monitoring the penetration and throat thickness of the executed welds.

STRUCTURES ET PROJETS TURMETAL, S.L. Dédié à la fabrication et à l’assemblage de structures métalliques, intervenant dans la création de tout type de construction dont l’acier constitue la base structurelle depuis 1986, année de fondation par D. José Tur Soler et qui est le dirigeant actuel. Notre société dispose de locaux de plus de 2.000 m2 de superficie et d’un personnel qualifié pour fournir le meilleur service. Compte tenu de la situation actuelle du marché, la Direction des STRUCTURES et des projets TURMETAL, S.L., est consciente que la QUALITÉ est un facteur stratégique majeur, qui constitue le meilleur argument de concurrence sur le marché, et qui représente une garantie pour la continuité et l’avenir de l’entreprise.

C’est à nos clients que nous devons l’existence de l’entreprise, et notre principal objectif est de garantir et d’améliorer la meilleure qualité de nos produits et services, et de prouver que nous sommes à la hauteur de leurs exigences.

C’est pourquoi la politique de qualité mise en place par la Direction des STRUCTURES et des projets TURMETAL, S.L. repose sur les principes de base suivants :

Mise en place d’un système de gestion de la qualité fondé sur la norme UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008, et engagement en faveur de sa mise en œuvre, ainsi que d’une amélioration continue dans tous les secteurs de l’entreprise.

Respect de toutes les exigences légales et réglementaires concernant nos installations et nos services.

Formation continue de notre personnel en renforçant la collaboration entre eux.

Mise à niveau constante des infrastructures de l’entreprise.

Préoccupation constante pour la qualité de nos produits et services.

La Direction des STRUCTURES ET DES PROJETS TURMETAL, S.L. veillera à l’application de la politique de qualité, en la tenant à jour et révisée, en la communiquant à tous les employés et en facilitant sa mise à disposition pour ceux qui en ont besoin.